What’s Pomegranate Kitchen?

Pomegranate Kitchen offers catering services and delivers delicious meals prepared by former refugees living in Wellington, to central Wellington workplaces.

Who’s behind Pomegranate Kitchen?

Rebecca Stewart and Ange Wither (Co-founders)

Founded in 2016 by Rebecca and Ange, the business combines a love of food with the desire to increase job opportunities available to people with refugee backgrounds.

Why Social Enterprise?

When Rebecca was working for the New Zealand Red Cross she saw there was a great deal of potential in the refugee community not being utilised since people from a refugee background weren’t quite job-ready. Social enterprises give people an opportunity to get work through offering a supportive environment. Additionally it gives the world an opportunity to see the fantastic skills that people, who are sometimes undervalued, have and should be used.

Find out more

Visit the Pomegranate Kitchen website or Facebook page.

Launchpad Work is a new programme in 2017, helping grow social enterprises who create employment in the Greater Auckland area.  Applications close on 13 February 2017, so you’ll want to find out more about it by clicking here