What’s Kilmarnock Enterprises?

Kilmarnock Enterprises provide a range of commercial services to businesses like Trade Aid, Noel Leeming and Fuji Xerox such as product packing and labelling, office services, e-waste recycling and others. They are a commercially competitive business with the primary purpose to provide a supportive, dynamic and connected employment environment where people can realise their individual potential as a contributing member of their community. They teach adults with a range of abilities, and disabilities, the skills needed to transition into open employment.

Who’s behind Kilmarnock Enterprises?

Christabel Robinson (Founder)

Michelle Sharp (CEO)

Kilmarnock continue to uphold the values of their founder Christabel Robinson. She understood that everyone is uniquely valuable and deserving of compassion, support, empowerment and respect.

Why Social Enterprise?

Having a disability shouldn’t prevent the opportunity for high quality employment.  Kilmarnock Enterprises is a commercial business that exists entirely to provide this type of employment.

Find out more

Visit the Kilmarnock website or Facebook page.

Launchpad Work is a new programme in 2017, helping grow social enterprises who create employment in the Greater Auckland area.  Applications close on 7 February 2017, so you’ll want to find out more about it by clicking here