What’s Take My Hands?

Take My Hands is a charitable organisation that arranges the collection of unwanted prosthetic limbs, orthotic and medical equipment and ships it to developing countries where it can be used by people in need.

Who’s behind Take My Hands?

Janette Searle (Founder)

Carol Searle

Linda Gray

Janette was inspired to start Take My Hands charitable trust when she had a brief conversation with a specialist doctor at a conference where she learned that worn but useable prosthetic legs and arms were sent to landfill in NZ.  

She has since been joined by Carol and Linda and Take My Hands has grown to redistribute re-usable medical and other equipment from NZ to where it’s needed most – across the Asia-Pacific region. Take My Hands can give access to a prosthetic limb to an individual in Nepal that can make the difference between being ostracised by the community for having a disability to being accepted and working to make a living for the family.


Why Social Enterprise?

Take My Hands were looking for a sustainable business model to enable them to grow and redistribute more equipment for the benefit of people across the Asia-Pacific. Social Enterprises grow trading revenue to support social and environmental work.

What have Take My Hands achieved since Launchpad 2014?

Take My Hands joined Launchpad as a small, young, and ambitious charity. It left Launchpad with relationships with five DHBs, a supply chain partner, a stronger team, and a revenue model to sustain and scale its impact as a social enterprise. Since Launchpad, Take My Hands has made a number of shipments including 48 hospital beds to the Solomon Islands, and a number of customers.

Find out more

Visit the Take My Hands website or Facebook page.

Launchpad Work is a new programme in 2017, helping grow social enterprises who create employment in the Greater Auckland area.  Applications close on 7 February 2017, so you’ll want to find out more about it by clicking here