Three months in, three months to go. And what a three months it’s been.

As we sprint past the halfway mark of Launchpad Work, it’s been great to look back and see the progress all the ventures have made in the first three months of the programme. Amazing, and perhaps not that surprising when we reflect on how hard the teams have been working.

On top of managing the day to day running of their businesses, participants have been learning about everything from customer validation and business model testing to impact modelling and stakeholder engagement. And through all this, they have still managed to achieve some major milestones along the way. This post is a snapshot of some of these.

  1. Employing more staff: We’re really pleased to say that 50% of the ventures have taken on new employees since starting the programme as they continue to scale their businesses. Congratulations to The Fresh Desk, Dine Academy, Global Action Plan Oceania and WeVisit.
  2. Supporting others into employment: Multiple ventures have supported others into employment through their training programs, some of which have faced major barriers to employment. Congratulations Destination Trades and WeVisit.
  3. Securing major contracts: Thanks to a whole heap of hard work, The Fresh Desk team recently secured their largest cleaning contract yet!
  4. Starting operations: The Mangere East Access Trust team have recently launched their cafe, named ‘The Village Cafe’, where they are selling healthy food to the Mangere East community. Destination Trades have also recently completed their first programme which helps prepare women for a career in trades.
  5. Securing funding: The Dine Academy have recently confirmed major funding which enables them to double the number of programmes they deliver next year.

Did we mention this is only at halfway through the programme? Needless to say we’re really happy with the progress the teams are making so far, and are excited to see what they can achieve in the next three months, and then in the next few years as they continue to help those who face barriers to employment! Keep an eye on this blog for more updates.